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We will help you to analyze the USA car history - damage, price, photos

Vehicles from insurance auction IAAI, Copart и Manheim

Cars that have been imported from the United States have often high-quality equipment and good reliability since you can choose the best ones at Copart and IAAI auctions. They differ in it from the same cars bought in other country. Therefore the prices of new and used cars in the USA and Canada (with damages is 60-85%) are always lower than ours.

By technical condition, they practically do not differ from many new cars. You can select a car here in any price range, from budget sedans to premium models.

Before buying a car, you can check the trading history, see photos of the damage, as well as the history of bids (rates) on the vehicle. And all the checks can be done on our website.

  • 01 Equipment
  • 02 Car history
  • 03 Actual odometer reading
  • 04 Autogas(LPG)
  • 05 Saving
  • 06 Delivery
Turnkey selection of a car from the USA

Equipment Auto


A large number of cars with different equipment allows you to select a car in auction with the options you need. In addition, it is worth considering that in the United States 97% of cars have an automatic transmission.

Turnkey selection of a car from the USA

Car history Auto

Car history from USA

You can always use our service for the initial examination of the car, assess the damages, view photos, and the history of bets on it. You can also purchase the Carfax, AutoCheck report

Turnkey selection of a car from the USA

Actual odometer reading Auto

Actual odometer reading

In the United States, there are more stringent laws related to changing the actual mileage of the vehicle. Even for a minimum changing of the mileage (about 10 – 20 km), the owner can be prosecuted for fraud.

Turnkey selection of a car from the USA

Autogas(LPG) Auto

Lpg gas for vehicles from USA

The US auto market has a very large number of cars with atmospheric engines without direct fuel injection, on which inexpensive 4th generation gas equipment can be supplied

Turnkey selection of a car from the USA

Saving Auto

Savings on the purchase

When buying a car at insurance auctions in the United States Copart or IAAI, you can save up to 40% of the cost of a similar car in your country.

Turnkey selection of a car from the USA

Delivery Auto

Delivery vehicle from USA

You can bring a vehicle from the United States to Ukraine for only $1000, depending on the location of the auction's site and the nearest port. So, when choosing a budget car, see the location of the auction site.

The following factors will affect the delivery time of cars from the USA:

  • How far the vehicle is from the port of departure
  • Unforeseen situations or unpredictable weather conditions because it is impossible to influence such factors

How it Works

  • 01
    Select vehicle

    Search for a car according to your specified requirements at auctions Copart, IAAI, Manheim

  • 02
    Check vehicle

    To check the car history, you need to know its Vin or lot number at the auction

  • 03
    Сost of delivery

    Depending on the auction and the particular State, it will cost US shipping to the port plus transportation to your port of dispatch

  • 04
    Сost of clear a vehicle

    With the help of the US customs calculator, you can find out the cost of customs clearance and other taxes and duties.

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Clients comments

Thank you for the service, using Vin I get detailed information about my lot, as well as the history of trading at auctions

Alex Juksov Cardealer

I use this service for the car selection to my customers, you can already at the first selection stage to sift out some bad lots that were already sold several times at auctions

Jurij Bondar User

I selected the car on auto.com website by checking here, it turned out that the car was sunken

Julja Kravcova User

I use the site to assess the price, select the necessary parameters in the filters and look up at average price, now the rate has increased for many cars/ It's quite bad. (:

Alex User